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Dhar’s Score to Allure

Need top-notch cello tracks for your film/tv score, album, or jingle?  Looking for a real cellist onscreen for your film, tv, or video?  How about an original score to an indie film?  

Dhar has recorded for over 50 commercial albums (classical, jazz, Latin, rock, hip hop, country, EDM) and over 30 spots for film/tv/ads including featured tracks for HBO’s The Plot Against America and ads for Disney, Budweiser, VISA.  His versatile look has landed him onscreen appearances for blockbuster films like Annie and Maestro.  He has also written original scores and jingles, with the New York Times praising his work…

“Allure draws oodles of atmosphere from [Dhar’s] spare piano-and-strings soundtrack.”
New York Times

Dhar is a member of AFM Local 802 and ASCAP.  Whether in studio, on location, or remote, Dhar is available to record, film/greenscreen, or score for your production needs. 

Dhar’s Music to Micoli Ad, Telephone