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AUTOMATION is a Cinematic Concerto that explores the conflicts and connections between man and machine. Watch and listen as cellist Yves Dhar and his holographic AI counterpart interact on stage with 2022 Musical America Conductor of the Year Teddy Abrams and the Louisville Orchestra in a groundbreaking new composition by Grammy-nominated, Emmy-winning composer Adam Schoenberg that features cello, halldorophone, electronics, orchestra and projected visuals.

… the richly textured sounds of Yves Dharamraj’s cello all contributing amply to the sense of Brahmsian warmth.

The New York Times
Yves Dhar


YVES DHAR plays the cello.  He has played it in famous places (Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, NYC FASHION WEEK, United Nations, Rikers Island) and not-so-famous places (schools for special needs, children’s hospitals, youth sports clubs, retirement homes, designer boutiques). He has shared the stage with many celebrated artists (Itzhak Perlman, Christina Aguilera, Arijit Singh, Bert from Sesame Street). 

If you haven’t seen him in concert halls, you might have heard him in films, TV, or ads (Annie; Allure; HBO’s The Plot Against America; Budweiser, Disney, VISA, Micoli Studio).  He teaches cello, social advocacy, and arts entrepreneurship at Vassar College, in masterclasses around the world, and privately online.  Perhaps, most importantly, Dhar co-founded nonprofits (Cello Makes Everything Better, New Docta) to inspire others with music and make the world a better place.

French cellist Yves Dharamraj was my personal favorite, with a big, broad sound, great dynamic contrasts, and a good rhythmic pulse, Fournier-like ...



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