Yves loves to teach.  Known as the “fixer” for his student-centric, results-oriented approach, he has taught all types of students from beginners to top conservatory students at Yale, Juilliard, and Vassar College for over 20 years.  His specialties include how to break down difficult passage work, developing a big attractive sound, artful phrasing, mastering shifting, and overcoming performance anxiety.  From time to time, Yves has limited openings in his boutique studio online and in-person, if residing in NYC. 


Got an idea and don’t know how to make it happen?  Feeling stuck in your career?  Does your organization need help to grow and thrive?  As a career coach, arts consultant, nonprofit executive, and entrepreneur, Yves offers fresh strategies and pragmatic solutions when it comes to the business of music.  Whether it’s honing your mission, getting funds to start up, attracting the right audience, getting noticed, or collaborating with the right partners, Yves will work one-on-one with you or your institution to solve problems and get you closer to your goals.


Do you practice hard but struggle to reach that next level?  Not sure what you’re doing wrong?  Yves created the Cello Doctor to offer online courses for the cellist who needs tips and tricks to polish their technique and artistry.  Prescribed for the intermediate to advanced cellist who needs the right dose to help overcome the most recurring problems, the Cello Doctor is here to diagnose what’s truly holding your cello playing back.